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grotte chauvet

Discovering the Gorges de l'Ardèchedu Chassezac

Païolive wood and hunting gorges

The Chassezac, a tributary of the Ardèche River, cuts the plateau through spectacular gorges, limited by high cliffs dedicated to climbing. The Chassezac has dug deep, vertiginous gorges on the mountainside. Rock walls are a delight for lovers of steep cliffs and adventure sports. A lover of relaxation, sportsmen, family or friends, everyone will find their moment of relaxation or leisure on the Chassezac. There’s nothing like the Chassezac Gorge for climbing or Via Corda. Once at the top of the cliff, you will admire the river and the panorama will be only for you.

To discover these places, a must-see walk is the wood of Païolive. This is one of the strangest curiosities of the Ardèche. A veritable natural maze overlooking the Chassezac, located on the towns of Vans, Banne and Berrias-Casteljau. Three marked circuits have been drawn: Green Circuit de la Virgo, Saint Eugene’s Blue Circuit and the Corniche Yellow Circuit.

le bois de païolive

Bois de Païolive

A universe of caves and aven

The Chauvet 2 Cave or the Cave of the Arc Bridge, listed in 2014 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

A leap in time 36,000 years ago, to the origins of art. Discover frescoes, walls, but also floors, ceilings and archaeological remains. Booking on the internet is highly recommended… So remember to book your tickets in advance with the Chauvet 2 Cave. The Chauvet Cave 2 site is located in Vallon Pont d’Arc. It is open every day, all year round.

The Cave of the Pont d’Arc is a replica that is intended to be as accurate as possible of the Chauvet Cave, one of the most beautiful ornate caves in the world. Located in Vallon Pont d’Arc, a few kilometres from the Les Cruses campsite, this site has quickly become one of the most popular tourist sites in the department.

Discover all the caves
la caverne du pont d'arc

Grotte Chauvet 2

Villages of character in Ardèche

The Les Cruses campsite, located at the foot of the village of Ribes, is surrounded by villages of character

Banne, a village of unmissable character in the Ardèche. This village nestled at the foot of the Cévennes facing the limestone plain of Ardéchoise is distinguished by the atypical presence of 27 dolmens. The village hides: the stables of the Fort, which host the many summer festivities, surmounted by the remains of its medieval castle but also the church of St. Peter of Banne dating from the 12th century.

At the foot of the village of Labeaume flows the Beaume River, surrounded by impressive limestone cliffs, carved out of caves. Climb to the top of the village, you will enjoy a stunning view! After this climb, you will have well deserved a relaxing break at the beach to cool off. At the foot of the village and its restaurants, you will find one of the prettiest river corners of the area. Nearby, we also recommend the hanging gardens of the Récatadou in Labeaume which offer a striking view!

point de vue ardèche


Ardèche Markets

Going to the market in the Ardèche is one of the little pleasures of the holidays

How good it is to stroll through the markets of the Ardèche! Fruits and vegetables from the country, honey, cold meats, goat cheese, olives, enough to prepare you a feast Ardéchois. The Ardéchois terroir is rich in colour and fragrance.


  • Monday: Rosières – St Paul the Younger – Vogu – St Alban Auriolles – Banne
  • Tuesday: Largentière – Sampzon
  • Wednesday: Happy
  • Thursday: Vallon Pont d’Arc – Laurac – Berrias
  • Friday: Ruoms – St Paul the Younger – Jaujac
  • Saturday: Les Vans – Aubenas
  • Sunday: Lablachère – Vals les Bains – Paysac – Valgorge – St Mélany -Rocles, Sanilhac


  • Monday: Banne (creators’ markets from 11/07)
  • Tuesday: Les Vans – Vallon Pont d’Arc – Balazuc
  • Wednesday: Ruoms – Aubenas
  • Thursday: Rosières – Sablières (producer markets 5pm/7pm)
  • Friday: Largentière – Laboule (producer market 6pm/9pm) – Happy (producer market from 08/07 – 7pmam/10pm)
  • Sunday: Happy: – “Classic” Market Guard Square – Old Town: Designers’ Market (9am/11.0pm)
camping les cruses les marchés


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